How and why do you escape reality?

escapespace originally appeared at the Gladstone Hotel’s 11th edition of Come Up to My Room as an an exterior installation on the front façade of the historic building and Toronto landmark. escapespace was a sculptural installation of geodesic spheres creating a 3-D representation of how we choose to disengage with our daily realities and environment and escape within our own personal spheres. The original piece was a collaboration between Evelyne Au-Navioz, Robert Giusti, Ray Pavan and Nikki Shi.

Now at City Hall, escapespace v02 takes a new form through a new collaboration with Sisley Leung and Roman Lifshitz and flips/transforms city and concrete to nature and blue skies and altered reflections of real space.

escapespace v02 is created by a collective of multidisciplinary designers with backgrounds in architecture, exhibit design, urban design and communication design. As a team they are connected by their interests in the evolution and transformation of space made possible through interaction, perception and dialogue with their environments.

See the installation as part of Art Now, July 4-6, 2014 at Toronto's Nathan Phillips Square.

meet the team

  1. v02 - Art Now
    04.07.14 - 06.07.14
  2. Evelyne Au-Navioz
  3. Robert Guisti
  4. Sisley Leung
  5. Roman Lifshitz
  6. v01
    23.01.14 - 26.01.14
  7. Evelyne Au-Navioz
  8. Robert Guisti
  9. Raymundo Pavan
  10. Nikki Shih